Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-timeThe Crone* female archetype is the serene Universal Womb; she is complete within herself, and all things are possible within her darkness.

Our Crone-time (menstrual phase) is the amazing phase of our cycle in which we can sow the seeds to magically create the month ahead. It is our time to dream the future, to imagine the things we would love to attract into our life, and to feel the joy of the things we would love to have and to do. This is powerful dreaming – more powerful in this phase than in any other cycle phase, because when we feel the emotions of love and joy for the visions we day-dream in our Crone-time two potent experiences happen.

Our dominant way of thinking in our Crone phase is the deepest level of thinking we have. I call this our ‘Soul Level Thinking’. This is the level beneath our conscious and subconscious minds, where we hold our inner knowing, our soul awareness and our awareness of oneness with everything. There are no words at this peaceful level, because words belong to the intellectual mind. Continue Reading »


WOMEN: The most dangerous knowledge os all!

About five years ago something started to worry me about my work with helping women to recognise their Cyclic Nature and its changing skillsets and perceptual abilities: what if unscrupulous people started to use this information to manipulate, exploit and put down women?

Interestingly there ARE people and organizations currently collecting a mass of data about women’s menstrual cycles – but they are not from the medical profession, who could use the information to validate our Cyclic Nature and provide better care and well-being for women, but rather it is commercial companies and NGOs. And this information is being collected and shared without our consent or knowledge. See this report: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/some-apps-send-data-about-menstruation-home-buying-facebook-wsj-n974711 Continue Reading »

Miranda answered some questions posed by Moon Mother Mayella – we thought that many other women may have similar questions and would be interested in the answers.


Hello Miranda, thanks ever so much for this interview.

First, I would like to ask you why you think the topics of femininity, menstrual cycles and the divine feminine have become so popular. In that respect, did you see it coming or was it just a serendipitous coincidence that you started sharing the Womb Blessing as this worldwide interest started to grow and expand? 

Miranda GrayMiranda: I have been working to help women understand their female energies, their cyclic nature and feminine spirituality, for many years. My first book Red Moon was published in 1994, but by the end of the 1990s and through the 2000s the interest in female energies and spirituality had declined. It wasn’t until about eight years ago that there was a spark of interest again, and that spark has become a wildfire all around the world.

Much of my work is created before women are ready for it! For example, The Optimized Woman was first published in 2009, and only now are women discovering the book and the benefits of applying the concepts and information to their everyday life and work life. So over the years I have learned to be patient and to let things flow in their own time. Continue Reading »

The Crone Year 2019For many of us, last year’s Enchantress energies were challenging and disruptive – especially in relationships – but all the disputes, the break-ups, and the arguments we experienced were nothing about the situation, or the people, but all about US – our insecurities, our lack of centredness, our lack of self-worth and self-acceptance. It is said that what we cannot manage in others are patterns that we cannot accept within ourselves.

The Crone Year is a year of gentler energies, of rest and restoration, but there is a deep awakening that happens in the darkness if we are willing to open to it and flow with it. Continue Reading »

Maiden energiesWithin each of us lie four female archetypes – the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone. During our menstrual cycle we walk a path of embodying the energies of each of these archetypes as they each express themselves through one of the phases of the cycle. They are the Maiden-time pre-ovulation phase, Mother-time ovulation phase, Enchantress-time pre-ovulation phase and Crone- time menstrual phase.

We also have one or two of the archetypes more dominant in our lives, helping to shape our path and guiding us on our soul purpose. When all aspects of our archetypes are welcomed, embodied, celebrated and expressed with love in the world, then we feel complete within ourselves and we live life as a beautiful, creative and spiritual dance of female energies and wholeness. Continue Reading »

The Enchantress Years

Picture from Coka/Shutterstock.com

In our lives we have four phases:

  1. The first stage is that of the Maiden – a time of change, of physical, mental and emotional change into adulthood.
  2. The second stage is the Mother – our adult stage of life, which is usually cyclic and when we stand grounded in the outer world.
  3. The third stage is that of the Enchantress – a time of change, of physical, mental and emotional evolution into completeness.
  4. The fourth stage is that of the Crone – our elder stage of life, where we sit between the worlds.

The Enchantress years can start in our forties as we begin to alter physically and to lose the regularity of our menstrual cycles. We change – our body changes, our emotions change, even the way we think starts to change. And the change doesn’t stop with last menstruation (which is called ‘Menopause’*), it continues after our Menopause, and often it can take up to 10 years before we enter our Crone phase of life where the transformation is complete and our energies are stable. Continue Reading »

Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

El arquetipo femenino de la Crone* es el sereno Útero Universal; ella está completa dentro de sí misma, y todas las cosas son posibles dentro de su oscuridad.

Nuestro tiempo de Crone (fase menstrual) es la increíble fase de nuestro ciclo en la que podemos sembrar las semillas para crear mágicamente el próximo mes. Es nuestro momento de soñar el futuro, imaginar las cosas que nos encantaría atraer a nuestra vida y sentir la alegría de las cosas que nos encantaría tener y hacer. Este es un soñar poderoso, más poderoso en esta fase que en cualquier otra fase del ciclo, porque cuando sentimos las emociones de amor y alegría por las visiones que soñamos en nuestros días de Crone se dan dos potentes experiencias.

Nuestra forma dominante de pensar en nuestra fase Crone es el nivel más profundo de pensamiento que tenemos. Yo llamo a esto nuestro “Pensamiento a nivel del alma”. Este es el nivel por debajo de nuestras mentes conscientes y subconscientes, donde mantenemos nuestro conocimiento interno, nuestra conciencia del alma y nuestra conciencia de la unidad con todo. No hay palabras en este nivel de paz, porque las palabras pertenecen a la mente intelectual. Continue Reading »

Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

O arquétipo feminino da Crone* é do Útero Universal sereno; ela está completamente dentro dela mesma, e todas as coisas são possíveis dentro da sua escuridão.

Nosso período da Crone (fase menstrual) é a fase incrível do nosso ciclo em que podemos plantar as sementes para criar magicamente o mês seguinte. É nosso momento de sonhar o futuro, de imaginar as coisas que amaríamos atrair para nossa vida, e sentir a alegria das coisas que gostaríamos de ter e fazer. Esse sonhar é poderoso – mais poderoso nesta fase do que em qualquer outra fase do ciclo, porque, quando sentimos as emoções de amor e alegria pelas visões que temos ao sonhar acordadas no nosso período da Crone, duas experiências poderosas acontecem.

A nossa maneira dominante de pensar na nossa fase Crone é o nível de pensamento mais profundo que temos. Eu o chamo de nosso “Pensamento no Nível da Alma”. Este é o nível abaixo das nossas mentes conscientes e subconscientes, onde mantemos nosso saber profundo, nossa consciência de alma e nossa consciência da unidade com tudo. Não há palavras neste nível de paz, pois palavras pertencem à mente intelectual. Continue Reading »

Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-timeO Arquétipo feminino da Crone* é o sereno Útero Universal; ela está completa dentro de si mesma, e todas as coisas são possíveis dentro da sua escuridão.

O nosso tempo da Crone (fase menstrual) é a fantástica fase do nosso ciclo na qual podemos semear as sementes para criar o mês seguinte. É a nossa altura de sonhar com o futuro, de imaginar as coisas que adoraríamos atrair para a nossa vida, e sentir a alegria das coisas que adoraríamos ter e fazer. Isto é sonho poderoso – mais poderoso nesta fase do que em qualquer outra fase do ciclo, porque quando sentimos as emoções do amor e alegria, pelas visões de sonharmos acordadas na nossa fase da Crone duas potentes experiências acontecem.

A nossa forma dominante de pensar na fase Crone é o nível mais profundo de pensamento que temos. Eu chamo a isto o nosso “Nível de Pensamento da Alma”. Este é o nível abaixo da nossa mente consciente e subconsciente, onde guardamos o nosso conhecimento interno, a consciência da nossa alma e da nossa unidade com tudo. Não existem palavras a este nível cheio de paz, porque as palavras pertencem à mente intelectual. Continue Reading »

Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-timeL’archetipo femminile della Crona è il quieto Ventre Universale; lei è completa in se stessa, ogni cosa è possibile nella sua oscurità.

Il nostro tempo della Crona (o fase mestruale) è quel sorprendente periodo del nostro ciclo in cui possiamo piantare i semi per creare magicamente il mese che verrà. È il momento per sognare il futuro, per immaginare ciò che vorremmo attrarre nella nostra vita e per gioire di ciò che vorremmo avere e fare. E’ un modo di sognare potente, più che in ogni altra fase del ciclo, perché quando proviamo amore e gioia per le cose sulle quali fantastichiamo nella fase della Crona sperimentiamo due potenti esperienze.

Il nostro modo di pensare prevalente nella fase della Crona è il più profondo livello di pensiero che possediamo. Io lo chiamo “pensiero a livello dell’Anima”, ovvero al di sotto della mente conscia e subconscia, dove conserviamo il nostro sapere più autentico, la consapevolezza dell’anima e del nostro essere una cosa sola col tutto. Non sono necessarie le parole nella quiete di questo livello, poiché esse appartengono alla mente intellettuale. Continue Reading »

Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

L’archétype féminin de la Crone* est l’Utérus Universel serein; elle est complète en elle-même et toutes les choses sont possibles dans son obscurité.

Notre temps de la Crone (la phase menstruelle) est la phase étonnante de notre cycle dans laquelle nous pouvons semer les graines pour créer magiquement le mois à venir. C’est notre moment pour rêver l’avenir, imaginer les choses que nous aimerions attirer dans notre vie et ressentir la joie des choses que nous aimerions avoir et faire. C’est la puissance du rêve – plus puissant dans cette phase que dans n’importe quelle autre phase de cycle, parce que quand nous ressentons les émotions d’amour et la joie pour les visualisations qui se produisent durant notre moment de la Crone, deux expériences puissantes se réalisent.

Notre façon de penser dominante dans notre phase de la Crone est le niveau le plus profond de pensée que nous ayons. Je l’appelle  notre « Niveau de pensée de l’Âme ». C’ est le niveau au-dessous de nos esprits conscients et subconscients, où nous tenons notre savoir intérieur, notre conscience d’âme et notre conscience d’unité avec chaque chose. Il n’y a pas de mots à ce niveau paisible, parce que les mots appartiennent à l’esprit intellectuel. Continue Reading »

Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

Der weibliche Archetyp der Crone* ist der ruhevolle universale Schoß; sie ist in sich vollkommen, und in ihrer Dunkelheit sind alle Dinge möglich.

Unsere Crone-Zeit (Menstruationsphase) ist die faszinierende Phase unseres Zyklus, in der wir die Samen säen können, um auf magische Weise den kommenden Monat zu erschaffen. Das ist die richtige Zeit für uns, unsere Zukunft zu erträumen, uns die Dinge vorzustellen, die wir in unser Leben ziehen möchten, und um die Freude an den Dingen zu spüren, die wir gerne hätten und tun würden.

Während unserer Crone-Phase ist unsere vorherrschende Denkweise die tiefgründigste Ebene des Denkens, die uns zur Verfügung steht. Ich nenne das unser „Denken auf der Seelenebene“. Dies ist die Ebene unter unserem bewussten und unbewussten Denken, wo sich unser inneres Wissen, unser Seelenbewusstsein und unser Bewusstsein des Einsseins mit Allem befindet. Auf dieser friedevollen Ebene gibt es keine Worte, denn Worte gehören zur Verstandesebene. Continue Reading »

Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

Ženski arhetip Crone* je mirna Univerzalna Maternica; ona je potpuna unutar sebe i sve je moguće u njenoj tmini.

Naše Crone vrijeme (menstrualna faza) je odlična faza našeg ciklusa za sijanje sjemena kojim stvaramo razdoblje od mjesec dana koje slijedi. To je naše vrijeme sanjanja budućnosti, zamišljanja onoga što bismo voljele privući u svoj život i da osjetimo radost onoga što bismo voljele imati i raditi. To je moćno sanjanje – moćnije u toj nego u bilo kojoj drugoj fazi ciklusa, zato što kad osjećamo emocije ljubavi i radosti za vizije koje sanjarimo u našem Crone razdoblju, događaju se dva moćna iskustva.

Dominantni način razmišljanja u Crone fazi ciklusa najdublja je razina koju imamo. Nazivam to ‘razmišljanjem na razini duše’. to je razina ispod našeg svjesnog i nesvjesnog uma, tamo gdje držimo unutarnje znanje, svjesnost duše i svjesnost jedinstva sa svime. Na toj mirnoj razini nema riječi, jer riječi pripadaju intelektualnom umu. Continue Reading »