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Womb Blessing Moon Mothers now launched in the UK!

This weekend I held the first workshop on how to give the Womb Blessing and it was a wonderful event and so empowering. I was surprised at how far women travelled for the workshop; in fact we only had 2 locals from London!

It was such an honour for me to feel that I’m sharing the Womb Blessing with such amazing women and that they will be taking the Blessing out around southern Britain (Wales and Devon, Kent and Essex and London and Birmingham, Brighton and many places in between).

New Moon Mothers at the London Womb Blessing training workshop

New Moon Mothers at the London Womb Blessing training workshop

And even more exciting is that these Moon Mothers will be helping me in the worldwide Womb Blessing on the 6th May – connecting with me and all the other women taking part to bless our wombs, to heal our hurts, to free the Divine Feminine within, and to return our wombs to sacredness. I know with these ladies helping to bring through more energy the May blessing will be even more beautiful. And with so many women joining the ‘family’ we will be spreading the energy to more women worldwide!

In the next day or so, I will put the first list of authorised UK Moon Mothers up on www.wombblessing.com. Some Moon Mothers have kindly volunteered to be a contact for their countries, these include Mexico, Chile, India, UK and Holland.

My special thanks go to Belinda without whose love, commitment and help the workshop would not have happened, and to the Tara Yoga Centre for providing such a lovely venue and for helping over the weekend. And of course my thanks to the Moon Mothers for becoming part of this wonderful journey. Welcome ladies!

The next training workshop will be in Girona, Spain in May. It’s fully booked but there will be more dates for Spain coming soon! I am looking for other venues in the UK for over the summer and then I will be teaching the Womb Blessing in Prague in September.

It feels so good to spread the Blessing energy, join us and become part of it!



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I know that there are currently 800 women in Argentina involved in the Womb Blessing and I am being asked for information on Womb Blessing groups and events in Argentina.

Please use this page to share your information and I will tell the ladies who enquire to look at this page 🙂

Yo sé que en la actualidad hay 800 mujeres en Argentina que participan en el útero y la bendición que se me pide para obtener información sobre grupos de Bendición Womb y eventos en Argentina.

Por favor, use esta página para compartir su información y le diré a las mujeres que soliciten información para buscar en esta página 🙂


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Would you like to let women know about your Womb Blessing group or event on the 6th May?

Please add your event details below.

Don’t  forget to mention contact details and that they also need to register at http://www.mirandagray.co.uk/register.html!

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