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Girona workshop

Spanish Moon Mothers

Spanish Moon Mothers


La primera formación española en la Bendición del Útero en Girona el fin de semana pasada fue maravilloso! Agradezco a Cristina por el local encantador, a Sophia por su ayuda, apoyo y capacidades organizativas, y gracias a todas las mujeres preciosas que vinieron para ser Moon Mothers. Sophia había organizado las comidas en un restaurante muy bonito en un parque cerca del centro, y muchas mujeres se quedaron a dormir en el centro.

Algunas mujeres viajaron 7 horas del sur de España, y una familia viajó 9 horas de la otra punta de España para participar. Es un honor para mí tener mujeres tan maravillosas y comprometidas que forman parte de la familia de la Bendición del Útero.

La energía y amor y amistad que fluía durante los dos días del taller fue muy hermosa  y me sentí triste al despedirnos al final del segundo día.

Dos de las nuevas Moon Mothers se han ofrecido generosamente para ayudar a Belinda en Londres en el mantenimiento de la sección española de la comunidad Ning de la Bendición del Útero, y espero que más Moon Mothers se ofreceran para ayudar.

Pondré una lista de las Moon Mothers españolas en la página web de la Bendición del Útero, si quieres recibir una Bendición del Útero o Sanación del Útero personal en tu localidad, por favor mira http://www.wombblessing.com/moonmothers.html

Con amor,


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Womb Blessing 24.00

Just a quick note from me as it is very late and I need to get some sleep! Every Womb Blessing today has felt different and it has been a joy and an honour to connect with everyone through each one.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped, in particular the wonderful volunteer translators without whose help the Womb Blessing would never have reached so many women – over 18,500. I would also like to thank the Moon Mothers for their help, and my husband who has been tireless in his support on all levels especially with the technology of bulk email management! At least this time he didn’t have to take time off work to help J

The energy tonight has bathed the world in silver light that has awoken the divine beauty, love, grace, and kindness within us all. May all women awaken to their feminine strength and wisdom, and may they take it out into the world as women-who-care and change that world.

With heartfelt love, Miranda x

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Womb Blessing 18.00

It was so noticeable that this was the biggest group for the Womb Blessing; the energy that came through was amazing! We have all been given such a wonderful gift. The beauty of the Womb Blessing is that the more women who connect to the energy network, the more Blessing energy we can all share with each other and the Earth.

I feel so honoured and excited by the number of women taking part. Thank you for sharing the Blessing with everyone at 18.00, and for bringing healing, validation and strength to their femininity. Thank you also to those of you who specifically sent me energy too, it was very welcome! :o)

After the Blessing, I went for a walk among the trees to ground myself and it was lovely in the sunshine if a little cold.

For the next Womb Blessing the Full Moon will be taking part. Like in February, we have had an overcast day but the clouds have now cleared in time for the final Womb Blessing. We also have a number of Moon Mothers joining us at midnight UK time, and with the Moon above us I know it will be a special event.

Remember to rest if you feel tired after the Blessing and to drink lots of water. Your body will also need food to help it to integrate the new energy you have received.  Please share your experiences here or on Facebook 🙂

Love Miranda x

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12.00 Womb Blessing

People have been asking me what I feel during the Womb Blessing and what I do between Blessings.

It’s quite difficult for me to remember after a Womb Blessing what I experienced as I tend to be a bit ‘spacey’ when transferring the energy! The Blessing always comes with strong feelings of love and connection to everyone taking part. At the end of the Blessing, during the sharing, I felt the amazing number of threads of energy crossing the world reaching out from the heart and hands of each woman taking part and connecting to each other. The world was covered in shimmering energy, so dense in some places that the energy hid the land from view.

Usually when giving the Blessing and taking part in the sharing meditation, I concentrate so much on giving that I forget to receive. This time I remembered and the energy flowing through the web across the world was beautiful – thank you so much for this gift of energy :o)

As to what I do after the Womb Blessing session (which is about 2 hours for me), I tend to sleep or rest for about half an hour and then I eat and drink. I also a lot drink of water between blessings. I take things easy until it is time to start the preparations for the next Blessing. Sadly with the weather being unseasonably cold, I can’t sit in the garden but I can curl up with my cat instead.

Love Miranda x

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06.00 Womb Blessing

The Womb Blessing started just after dawn in the UK but the sky was overcast with grey clouds. However this meant that the candles looked beautiful :o)

It was such a difference to February when the first Blessing was carried out in the dark and cold. This Blessing was also around the time of the Super Moon which is the biggest and brightest Full Moon this year.

The Womb Blessing was beautiful, full of loving connection to all the women taking part. It is such an honour for me to do the Blessing, I feel so connected to everyone and my heart is overflowing with love. Each Blessing this year will bring additional energy for specific aspects of our femininity and for this Womb Blessing it was for healing our patterns about love and giving and awakening our natural ability to be loving and caring, generous, accepting and abundant.

The other difference from February is that I added an extra Blessing for the new Moon Mothers to help support them on their path of offering Womb Blessings to women. I will be doing this at the end of each Womb Blessing today.

The Blessing and the meditation that opens us to its energy are gifts to be shared. Please share your experiences below and on Facebook. Let’s encourage the women who are hurting, who don’t understand their femininity, who feel alone, who feel the Divine Feminine calls to them and don’t know what to do, to join the Womb Blessing and receive its healing gift through sharing our experiences.

I feel so honoured, humbled and in awe of the Womb Blessing and the number of women taking part. My part in all this is very small, simply a point on a web that spans the world. By receiving the Blessing today and sharing it in the meditations you are making a change to so many women, bringing them healing, love, validation and strength. Thank you for giving this gift to so many women.

Love Miranda

Oh don’t forget to rest if you feel tired today after the Blessing, to drink more to wash out any toxins from a detox and eat to give your body the energy it needs to integrate the Blessing’s healing effects.

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Just to remind you that – registration for the 6th May Womb Blessing closes at midnight 3rd May UK time. Don’t miss out and join the 15,000 women who are now part of the Womb Blessing family! If you haven’t registered yet please go to: http://www.mirandagray.co.uk/register.html

If you haven’t had a reminder email from me this week, you have not registered successfully. Please re-register and look for a confirmation email (check your spam box too!).

With so many women involved and the brightest and biggest Full Moon for this year, the Womb Blessing is going to be amazing :o) I feel that we are still at the begining of this journey of female spiritual awakening and with each Blessing we will grow in numbers and in healing, love, energy, beauty, confidence and grace. The Divine Femine asks us to open to her, to embody her and to make change in the world. This is such an exciting journey!

After the 6th May, ask yourself:
‘What small way can I nurture and heal my femininity?’
‘What small way can I make a change and bring the Divine Feminine energies into the lives olf the people around me?’
If everyone does one small thing, we will create something huge!

Please do take pictures of your groups and altars, and share them here after the Blessing.

With heartfelt love and excitment,
Miranda x

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