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Doing the Worldwide Womb Blessing is a joy for me. For a whole day I focus on giving the Blessing to women worldwide, something my heart calls me to do. And my other joy is teaching the Moon Mother workshop, giving the Divine Feminine energy to women who can then share it with even more women.

The organising and admin for the Womb Blessing takes a lot of time but the gift in return is the joy of sharing this beautiful energy with you.

I would like to thank everyone who helps me bring the Divine Feminine energy to you.

To the

volunteer translators,
women who spread the invitation,
women who run groups,
women promote the groups and workshops,
workshop organisers,
women who answer the call in their hearts and show so much commitment to attend the workshops,
Moon Mothers who help with questions and give Womb Blessing and Womb Healings and share the Blessing with me on the day,
Country Representatives who support the women in their countries, the local Moon Mothers, the workshop organisers and me,
many women who email questions which make me search inside for the answers,
women who take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessings answering the call to awaken the Divine Feminine in themselves and to share it with others.

And to Belinda who runs the Womb Blessing Ning Community.

And to my husband – without his technical help and email support there would be no Worldwide Womb Blessing. And without his help with administration and organising flights and his taxis trips to the airports there would be no Moon Mothers.

And with his love I have the strength to give.

The hour is late :o) I hope you enjoyed the Womb Blessing and will join me again on the 28th December and perhaps somewhere in the world we will meet at a workshop :o)

Heartfelt love and thanks and hugs


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Oh wow, it was very obvious that the 18.00 Womb Blessing Attunement had the most women worldwide. The energy was so high and fine and beautiful 🙂 The more women who join the Blessing the higher the vibration and the more energy that flows to us – thank you everyone, this was an amazing experience for me!

The sky here is now clear and the Full Moon is high in the sky. For every Worldwide Womb Blessing this year so far the sky has cleared just before or during the midnight Blessing to bathe the room in Moonlight. For English weather this is quite an achievement 🙂

The energies for each Womb Blessing day and each Womb Blessing are always slightly different. Everyone taking part brings something specific to the healing and it isn’t an accident that you are part of the receiving group at your chosen time. We all have something to offer each other in healing. We all hold the Divine Feminine and we can all pass it on through sharing our love. Make the Womb Tree meditation part of your daily life and take the awareness and energy out in to the world. Pass the energy on through a kind word, a touch on a shoulder, a listening ear, a hug, or a caring and supportive act. These are the prayers of the Divine Mother.

I look forward to the last Womb Blessing at midnight 🙂 I will finish by sending energy to everyone taking part today and to all the Moon Mothers. Thank you ladies for taking part today!

May the Divine Feminine call your heart, enfold you in Her love, support your journey and guide your steps.

Love and hugs


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For the 12.00 Womb Blessing the sun came out and for a few minutes the room was bathed in the multiple rainbows created by the crystals hanging in the windows.

The love that surrounded me and flowed through me in the Womb Blessing was gentle yet powerful. It asks us to take the female path to create the world we want – to flow, to love and to care, rather than to fight and force. We can see around the world that battling, trying and forcing only creates more battling, trying and forcing.  The female path is of following love. When we flow with the love of the Divine Feminine then all around us changes in response.

The Womb Blessing Attunement changes us. And simply by holding the energy and allowing it to radiate around the world and into the land, we create a change through the love and joy we share.

At this time before the major energy shift in December we are releasing the past, both our personal past and our ancestral past, and the patterns that our cultures have created. In Her love the Mother makes things ready for the new energies to come.

The Womb Blessing on 28th December is going to be really interesting! :o)

I hope you are enjoying the Blessing as much as I am.

Love and hugs Miranda

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It was strange to think that when I last did the Womb Blessing Attunement in August it was daylight at 06.00. The summer now seems far away but the darkness of Autumn means that the candles sparkle and everything feels magical :o)

The Womb Blessing constantly amazes me with the amount of love that flows from the Divine Feminine. So many women are hurting physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and Her love is there for everyone of us. In the stresses and strains of life we adisconnect from Her and we need that pause, that moment of calm, to reconnect. The Divine Feminine is never separate from us, we just have to remember Her.

The Womb Blessing is a beautiful way for us to reconnect to the Divine Feminine. It is a way for us to hear her say ‘Everything is okay’ and feel ‘You are loved’. It takes strength and courage to manage our lives but we are not alone. Each morning, let go of battling, do the Womb Blessing Meditation and know that She is there telling you that everything will be alright.

People ask me what do I do between Womb Blessing Attunement times and the answer is sleep and eat! Oh and post!! :o) Be gentle with yourself today. Rest more, drink more water and eat to support the integration of the Womb Blessing energy.

Walk today in beauty, love and grace, as the Moon on Earth.

Love and hugs


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You are invited to register for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing in October 🙂  www.mirandagray.co.uk/register.html

About the October Womb Blessing Attunement

Each Womb Blessing Attunement has had an additional focus to it and for October the energy will be healing the pattern of femininity in our Group Consciousness. It will help us clear the past so we can create a new and truer pattern about the feminine and women. It is so exciting to be part of this new beginning.

There are so many women around the world who are not able to fully accept and express their female energies. We are all beautiful and strong in our femininity, and the way to change how the world views us is to change the Group Consciousness. If enough women hold the energy of the Womb Blessing for other women in the world we will awaken a change that will affect not just our generation but also our daughters’ and our granddaughters’ generations. Our Womb Blessing family is growing every day, and all of us have a role to play in changing the world. I look forward to connecting with everyone on the 29th October 🙂

What is a Womb Blessing ‘Attunement’?

An ‘attunement’ is a process that changes the vibration of the woman receiving it. Everyone can connect to the Divine but an attunement opens our connection and awareness to a particular energy and raises our own energy in tune with it.

The Womb Blessing Attunement raises a woman’s vibration to be in tune with the Divine Feminine and fills her with the loving energy of the Divine Mother, bringing healing specifically to her femininity physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Women can receive as many Womb Blessing Attunements as they wish; every attunement we receive fills us with more Divine Feminine energy so that we resonate more strongly with Her vibration and we clear and heal more of the patterns that block our awareness of and limit our expression of her energy.

A Womb Blessing Attunement is a healing, a connection, an awakening, a therapy,
a spiritual path, a path of self-development
and a celebration and a rite of passge.

I hope you will enjoy the October Womb Blessing Attunement whether it is your first experience or your fourth time of receiving the Blessing!

Love and hugs


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A big thank you to the wonderful women who took part in the Moon Mother workshop in Madrid  and to the organisers for creating such a fun and friendly event. In particular, thank you to Jana for taking such good care of me :o)

For this trip I had an extra day in advance of the workshop to explore the area and central Madrid has some very pretty buildings. Sadly it rained heavily all the time I was visiting and it wasn’t until the drive to the airport to come home that I saw the sun! I hope next weekend when I return to Madrid for another workshop that the weather is warmer and definitely sunnier :o)

Madrid has been hosting increasing numbers of demonstrations and on the Saturday evening it was surreal doing the beautiful, feminine Womb Blessing energy work and also hearing the background sound of sirens and police helicopters. I think it emphasised for all of us what a sanctuary of feminine energy we had created and just how much the world needs this female energy. As Moon Mothers we can help.

The venue for the workshop was an old building built in the 1700s with an atmospheric central wooded staircase. And Jana and Sainda created a lovely indoors picnic lunch for us to enjoy.

The women taking part came from various areas of Spain and we also had an Italian lady and a lady from Bulgaria. We now have a volunteer translator for both Bulgarian and Russian, and it will be wonderful to reach out to the women of these countries :o)

I am really looking forward to returning next weekend. The Goddess of the Land in Spain calls to me deeply every time I visit, and the passion, love, and enthusiasm of Spanish women is wonderful and inspiring. I hope in the future to have more time to explore the different regions and scared sites.



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