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The Moon tonight in the South of England is amazing. As I sit and type I see her face through my window. Tonight it was a wonderful experience to be without the candles for the Blessing and to be bathed in her silver-white light.

The 18.00 Womb Blessing always has the largest number of women joining and the energy flowed in beauty and love. There is always so much energy shared throughout the World after the Blessing as we connect woman-to-woman to embrace the Earth. There is no force, no will, just the simple, gentle, loving connection between us and the flow of peace, well-being and love from the presence of the Divine Feminine.

In our busy lives the Divine Feminine gives us the beautiful gift of the Blessing as a moment of peace, of acceptance, of connection to Her presence within us. She reminds us what it is to be feminine. She reminds us to drop the emotional baggage, the mental worries, the wants and needs, and to simply dance in the Moonlight, focused on our body, in the moment at peace with ourselves and the World.

Thank you Mother for this wonderful gift.

Help us to remember it in our hectic lives and in a World that doesn’t recognize our cyclic nature. Help us to awaken to our authentic femininity, to accept our cyclic gifts, and to express this nature and these gifts in the world. We are the Moon on Earth – seen as our phase and never as the whole cycle until we transform into the ‘Complete Woman’ of menopause.

In the Moonlight of the last Blessing there is a silence in the air. It is the same as the reverend hush you get after first snowfall, the lull in the storm, the moment between the in and the out breath and the pivot of the high tide. For a moment the world pauses.

Be at peace.

Love and hugs


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It was wonderful to have so many women joining me this morning 🙂

Thank you to the Moon Mothers who helped to share this beautiful energy with the World.

This morning began for me at early light and just as I started the first Worldwide Womb Blessing of the day the sun rose washing everything in beautiful golden light. The season in England is behind and it has taken it until now to have the leaves appear on the trees and the hawthorn to become covered with small snowflake-like flowers. All around the land has finally awoken to the first energies of the Mother – abundance, vibrancy, beauty, sensuality, creativity and fertility.

The energies of this Worldwide Womb Blessing are amazing. Today is a Super Moon, a lunar eclipse and the Buddhist festival of Wesak. This is a year of Mother archetypal energies and this Womb Blessing is the Blessing of the Mother. Her presence was gentle and compassionate, embracing and accepting, healing and awakening.

In this Womb Blessing we can offer the Divine Feminine our relationship with our own mother and our children to heal. We can give Her our guilt and frustration, our hurt and pain, and in the rite of passage that is the Womb Blessing we can move on to a new path with renewed hope, lightness and joy. We can give Her our sexuality, our feelings about our body, our past hurts and past  sexual relationships. And we can move on. We can ask Her to deepen the spirituality of our sexuality, to awaken our energies if they have grown cold or have been repressed, or to balance them if they are too demanding. We can ask Her to rekindle the joy of sex, the playfulness of sex, the sacredness of sex, and the mystery of sex.

Whatever the season of the land where you live – hot, dry, wet, cold, bright or dark – connect to the Mother energies as she wraps the World today in her embracing Womb Blessing. Whether we have children or not, are fertile or not, want children or not, we all hold the Mother archetypal energies within us. We are all vessels for the Divine Mother. Let Her speak to you. Let Her calm you. Let Her make you feel safe, and let go. And let Her guide you to Her expression in the World.

Love and hugs


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An invitation…

To all wonderful women everywhere,

I would like invite you to – a free distant Womb Blessing attunement

on the Full Moon 25th May 2013The Womb Tree

at four different times to suit world time zones.

06.00 (UK time)
12.00 (UK time)
18.00 (UK time)
24.00 (UK time)* For time zones > http://www.wombblessing.com/timezones.html

Register now > http://www.mirandagray.co.uk/register.html

Tell your friends and family and invite them to take part with us :o)

Information about The Womb Blessing attunement is now available online in 13 different languages at www.wombblessing.com . The Blessing is offered for free to all women – whatever their age. Once you have registered, you will receive a link to a download page which contains instructions on how to take part.

The Womb Blessing will take about half an hour. You do not need to be online to take part – once you have downloaded the instructions, you simply need to find a quiet place and time where you can join in the meditation and receive the energy.

Questions about the Worldwide Womb Blessing? Want to find a local group? Ask a Moon Mother Country Representative – see http://www.wombblessing.com/contact.html

A personal note from Miranda

The Womb Blessing attunement is an awakening of our female energies and the restoration of our original femininity and spirituality.

The Blessing is transforming and healing. It is a path of self-awakening and spiritual-development. It is a rite of passage – a release of the past and a journey into a new world of hope, love and strength. Each Blessing deepens our changes, raises our vibration, and connects our consciousness more deeply to our authentic female energies and spirituality. And in the worldwide event, the Blessing connects us to women around the world to give and receive love and strength and to acknowledge that we women are a single family who will bring positive change to the world through our femininity.

It is my heartfelt call to invite women to take part from every country in the world and the response from women in the last year has been amazing. At a time when the world cries out for the female energies, I invite you to take part because every woman who joins the Blessing increases the energy we receive and the energy we can give to other women and to the Earth.

I hope you will join us on the 25th May, perhaps run a group – large or small, and spread the email invitation so we can help all women to heal and awaken.

Love and hugs

Miranda :o)

Register now > http://www.mirandagray.co.uk/register.html

For more information: www.wombblessing.com

To find a group or Moon Mother in your area > http://www.wombblessing.com/moonmothers.html

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