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Worldwide Womb BlessingFor a few hours over the mid-day Blessing we had beautiful sunshine and all around us the Earth is flowering with Bluebells and Primroses in the hedges. The Mother energy has truly entered the northern hemisphere.

After sending energy to the newly menstrual young women joining the Worldwide Womb Blessing, I was thinking about what we ‘experienced cyclic women’ would wish for them.

Wholeness and completeness like the Full Moon Mother came into my mind.

We see so much competition between women and so much conflict getting in the way of the oneness we all share. It rises from fear and insecurity, which comes from feelings of lack and incompleteness. When we are complete within ourselves, when we feel whole like the Full Moon, we can radiate love and be giving without condition. The Womb Blessing helps us to reclaim our complete female nature.

Each Blessing is a sanctuary, a place where we can restore ourselves back to wholeness. With wholeness and the understanding that we all have challenges with being cyclic in a linear world, we will be able to be a little more self aware, more patient and forgiving, and be more allowing with other women.



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Miranda GrayThis morning for the first Worldwide Womb Blessing the sky was just changing from the pale pink colours of dawn. Everything was still and serene. The birds were just starting to wake and their song was filling the air as a wave of peace and love surrounded the Earth.

On the altar are many statues of the Divine Feminine given to me as I travel the world teaching, each one reminding me of Her many forms and how women are connected to each other across  all continents by their wombs, their cycles and their reflection of the Divine Feminine. We all speak one language – the language of our body, our cyclic nature, and the four female archetypes. And it is from listening to our body and to other women that we understand that distance, language and culture have no meaning and we all share one body, one perspective, one spirituality – that is of being a woman.

In the Blessings today I am sending love to the newly menstrual women who have joined the Worldwide Womb Blessing. I hope that they feel this oneness of women, and that they feel free to be cyclic and to experience and live their own unique expression of the four female archetypes. I hope that they dance their path, live their dreams, express their creativity, embrace their sexuality, love their spirituality and enjoy being cyclic women.

Love and hugs


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