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I think that the October Worldwide Womb Blessing is one of the most impactful Womb Blessings of the year. It brings healing to the sexual energies for all women around the world, but it also brings healing to the energies of women of the past, present and future.

The Archetype Meditations reflect the Earth-to-Womb connection:

In the northern hemisphere we focus on healing our mothers and our female ancestors, and in the southern hemisphere we focus on healing and awakening our sacred female sexual energies. These two aspects have great importance not just for individual lives but also for our society and our future.

By bringing healing and awakening to our womb-to-womb connection (our sexual lineage) we heal not only our own line but the matrilineal line of other women as well. When we go far back in time we all share common ancestors, so when we heal our past we also help all women in the present.

By healing our womb-to-womb connection we free ourselves and our sexual energies from thousands of years of masculine restriction.

In the southern hemisphere we focus on healing specifically our own sexual energies. We free ourselves from our personal sexual experiences, our limiting thoughts about our body, our sexual energies and our sexual identity, and we start to embrace our true nature as sensual, sexual, creative and beautiful women – whatever our age or body shape.

The Worldwide Womb Blessings reflect the Earth-to-Womb connection:

In the northern hemisphere where the Earth is entering her Winter or Crone energies, our womb centre is affected by the energy changing to the slower and more spiritual vibration of the Crone. So many of us need more Crone energy in our lives. We do not rest in menstruation (our ‘Crone-time’), and so we miss the deep restoring and spiritual wisdom and gifts she brings us. The Womb Blessing focuses on bringing awakening and healing to our Crone archetype, to our menstrual phase (if we are cyclic) and to our elder years if we are post-menopause.

In the southern hemisphere, where the Earth is entering her Summer or Mother energies, our womb centre is affected by the abundance and wholeness of the Mother. The Womb Blessing focuses on our emotional awakening and healing, on our relationships, our ability to love and our sexual happiness and fertility. Whatever our age, the Mother energies enter our lives wanting to be expressed, and the Womb Blessing helps us to open to them and to experience the deep love, caring and compassion that is part of our true nature.

This upcoming Worldwide Womb Blessing Day is focused on healing and awakening the creative sexual energies of all women around the world – in the past, in the present and for the future. The Crone heals the sexual line and the energies of past generations, and the Mother heals the present sexual energies and the future sexual line. The Crone awakens a deeper, more spiritual awareness of our sexual nature, and the Mother gives birth to that spirituality in the world through creative, sensual and sexual relationship.

I hope that you will enjoy this amazing Womb Blessing Day!

Love and hugs

Miranda  x



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