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Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-timeThe Crone* female archetype is the serene Universal Womb; she is complete within herself, and all things are possible within her darkness.

Our Crone-time (menstrual phase) is the amazing phase of our cycle in which we can sow the seeds to magically create the month ahead. It is our time to dream the future, to imagine the things we would love to attract into our life, and to feel the joy of the things we would love to have and to do. This is powerful dreaming – more powerful in this phase than in any other cycle phase, because when we feel the emotions of love and joy for the visions we day-dream in our Crone-time two potent experiences happen.

Our dominant way of thinking in our Crone phase is the deepest level of thinking we have. I call this our ‘Soul Level Thinking’. This is the level beneath our conscious and subconscious minds, where we hold our inner knowing, our soul awareness and our awareness of oneness with everything. There are no words at this peaceful level, because words belong to the intellectual mind. (more…)


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WOMEN: The most dangerous knowledge os all!

About five years ago something started to worry me about my work with helping women to recognise their Cyclic Nature and its changing skillsets and perceptual abilities: what if unscrupulous people started to use this information to manipulate, exploit and put down women?

Interestingly there ARE people and organizations currently collecting a mass of data about women’s menstrual cycles – but they are not from the medical profession, who could use the information to validate our Cyclic Nature and provide better care and well-being for women, but rather it is commercial companies and NGOs. And this information is being collected and shared without our consent or knowledge. See this report: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/some-apps-send-data-about-menstruation-home-buying-facebook-wsj-n974711 (more…)

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Miranda answered some questions posed by Moon Mother Mayella – we thought that many other women may have similar questions and would be interested in the answers.


Hello Miranda, thanks ever so much for this interview.

First, I would like to ask you why you think the topics of femininity, menstrual cycles and the divine feminine have become so popular. In that respect, did you see it coming or was it just a serendipitous coincidence that you started sharing the Womb Blessing as this worldwide interest started to grow and expand? 

Miranda GrayMiranda: I have been working to help women understand their female energies, their cyclic nature and feminine spirituality, for many years. My first book Red Moon was published in 1994, but by the end of the 1990s and through the 2000s the interest in female energies and spirituality had declined. It wasn’t until about eight years ago that there was a spark of interest again, and that spark has become a wildfire all around the world.

Much of my work is created before women are ready for it! For example, The Optimized Woman was first published in 2009, and only now are women discovering the book and the benefits of applying the concepts and information to their everyday life and work life. So over the years I have learned to be patient and to let things flow in their own time. (more…)

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The Crone Year 2019For many of us, last year’s Enchantress energies were challenging and disruptive – especially in relationships – but all the disputes, the break-ups, and the arguments we experienced were nothing about the situation, or the people, but all about US – our insecurities, our lack of centredness, our lack of self-worth and self-acceptance. It is said that what we cannot manage in others are patterns that we cannot accept within ourselves.

The Crone Year is a year of gentler energies, of rest and restoration, but there is a deep awakening that happens in the darkness if we are willing to open to it and flow with it. (more…)

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Thank you!What an amazing year! 😊 We now have almost 5,500 Moon Mothers around the world and approaching 200,000 women in the worldwide community.

This year we created the new International Moon Mother Admin team to centralise technique questions and answers and updates, so we can share the information quickly and easily in seven different languages. 😊 I would like to give a big thank you to the core team – the “Weavers” Veronica, HeliA and Ursula – and also to the rest of the team who have been amazing in setting everything up and also in creating beautiful graphics and new projects.

MM HeliA is also now running the WB Instagram account, MM Ursula is the Country Co-ordination Team Manager, and MM Bettina is the new Moon Mother Manual Manager.

The questions raised in the Admin MM FB groups are a great help to me and to the MM Level 1 Teachers for us to know where MMs need more help and clarification. And I love the variety of questions – from simple to profound. All are welcome! (more…)

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Maiden energiesWithin each of us lie four female archetypes – the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone. During our menstrual cycle we walk a path of embodying the energies of each of these archetypes as they each express themselves through one of the phases of the cycle. They are the Maiden-time pre-ovulation phase, Mother-time ovulation phase, Enchantress-time pre-ovulation phase and Crone- time menstrual phase.

We also have one or two of the archetypes more dominant in our lives, helping to shape our path and guiding us on our soul purpose. When all aspects of our archetypes are welcomed, embodied, celebrated and expressed with love in the world, then we feel complete within ourselves and we live life as a beautiful, creative and spiritual dance of female energies and wholeness. (more…)

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I think that the October Worldwide Womb Blessing is one of the most impactful Womb Blessings of the year. It brings healing to the sexual energies for all women around the world, but it also brings healing to the energies of women of the past, present and future.

The Archetype Meditations reflect the Earth-to-Womb connection:

In the northern hemisphere we focus on healing our mothers and our female ancestors, and in the southern hemisphere we focus on healing and awakening our sacred female sexual energies. These two aspects have great importance not just for individual lives but also for our society and our future.

By bringing healing and awakening to our womb-to-womb connection (our sexual lineage) we heal not only our own line but the matrilineal line of other women as well. When we go far back in time we all share common ancestors, so when we heal our past we also help all women in the present.

By healing our womb-to-womb connection we free ourselves and our sexual energies from thousands of years of masculine restriction.

In the southern hemisphere we focus on healing specifically our own sexual energies. We free ourselves from our personal sexual experiences, our limiting thoughts about our body, our sexual energies and our sexual identity, and we start to embrace our true nature as sensual, sexual, creative and beautiful women – whatever our age or body shape.

The Worldwide Womb Blessings reflect the Earth-to-Womb connection:

In the northern hemisphere where the Earth is entering her Winter or Crone energies, our womb centre is affected by the energy changing to the slower and more spiritual vibration of the Crone. So many of us need more Crone energy in our lives. We do not rest in menstruation (our ‘Crone-time’), and so we miss the deep restoring and spiritual wisdom and gifts she brings us. The Womb Blessing focuses on bringing awakening and healing to our Crone archetype, to our menstrual phase (if we are cyclic) and to our elder years if we are post-menopause.

In the southern hemisphere, where the Earth is entering her Summer or Mother energies, our womb centre is affected by the abundance and wholeness of the Mother. The Womb Blessing focuses on our emotional awakening and healing, on our relationships, our ability to love and our sexual happiness and fertility. Whatever our age, the Mother energies enter our lives wanting to be expressed, and the Womb Blessing helps us to open to them and to experience the deep love, caring and compassion that is part of our true nature.

This upcoming Worldwide Womb Blessing Day is focused on healing and awakening the creative sexual energies of all women around the world – in the past, in the present and for the future. The Crone heals the sexual line and the energies of past generations, and the Mother heals the present sexual energies and the future sexual line. The Crone awakens a deeper, more spiritual awareness of our sexual nature, and the Mother gives birth to that spirituality in the world through creative, sensual and sexual relationship.

I hope that you will enjoy this amazing Womb Blessing Day!

Love and hugs

Miranda  x



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