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Women helping womenYou get:

  • A healed and balanced menstrual cycle.
  • A healed pre-menstrual phase.
  • A gentle journey to menopause.
  • Effortless achievement of your goals and dreams.
  • Love.
  • Self-love.
  • Happiness.

Unbalanced Maidens and Enchantresses

In the modern world, the dynamic female archetypes have dominated how we behave and the way we think. The Maiden (pre-ovulation phase archetype) energies are dynamic, ego-orientated, goal achieving, independent, risk-taking, unemphatic, structured and focused. She is the ‘achiever’ – and when out of balance she is the ‘achiever at any cost’. (more…)

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Puzzled man

Imagine quarto mulheres.

Uma é jovem, dinâmica e entusiástica. Uma é um pouco mais velha, prática e excelente com pessoas. Uma é madura, desinibida, criativa e extremamente selvagem. E a última mulher é mais velha, sossegada e muito intuitiva.

Cada mulher tem as suas próprias necessidades, a sua própria maneira de perceber o Mundo, as suas próprias energias criativas e as suas próprias preferências sexuais.

Agora imagine que essas quatro mulheres são iguais a si.

Não admira que os homens estejam confusos!


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Men and Cyclic Women

Puzzled manImagine four women.

One is young, dynamic and enthusiastic. One is a little older, practical and good with people. One is mature, uninhibited and wildly creative. And the final woman is older, quiet and insightful.

Each woman has her own needs, her own way of perceiving the world, her own creative energies and her own sexual preferences.

Now imagine that all four women look like you.

It is no wonder that men are confused!


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Recently a woman said to me that she had expected that working in a community of women would be full of love and mutual support. But instead she was burnt-out from doing too much, from managing personality clashes between women, and from criticism for what she was doing without any offers of help.

We modern women still have a lot to learn about living together with our authentic femininity.

There are two aspects to this situation, and both involve the archetypes.

In our busy lives with many expectations, the list of ‘things to do’ can be overwhelming, and we try with our Mother and Maiden archetype energies to achieve everything and to satisfy everyone. Our sense of who we are comes from success and productivity and from our ability to express love and caring. But it never seems to be enough – and we start to feel that we are not enough. (more…)

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The joy of the awakening Maiden energies

The first warm sunlight touches the forest, and the snow slowly starts to melt. A single green shoot appears from under the snows. From it hangs a small white flower, like a droplet of snow, and it holds the promise of the energies to come.

The energies of life start to flow slowly. It is not a time to act, but a time to watch and to protect the first growth into the world. The Land still remembers the long cold night of winter and the Crone energies, but now it feels the stirring of what is to come. (more…)

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News from Miranda

2016 has been an amazing year!

Miranda GrayIt has been a real joy for me to teach again in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, USA (New York), Croatia and England. And to teach for the first time in Portugal, USA (Miami) and Ireland (Dublin). I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing women and to work alongside the wonderful organisers and co-ordination teams in these countries. A big thank you to everyone who has helped support me in my work and who has reached out to women to spread the Womb Blessing.

This year we have seen the publication of my book Female Energy Awakening  which provides women with more information about the Womb Blessing and about the process of awakening their authentic femininity through the four female archetypes. It is designed to help women not just to awaken but to live this awakening, and to feel the deep source of well-being, empowerment, creativity, sexuality, spirituality, beauty and wisdom that lies within them.


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First woman story

First Woman was washing clothes and blankets by the river when Moon Mother appeared. First Woman had a pile of blankets that the First Animals had asked her to wash as well. She was tired, but happy.

Moon Mother greeted First Woman.

“I’ve been watching you” she said, “and your Womb Bowl is low in energy.”

First Woman looked at her Womb bowl lying in her lower belly, and she noticed with surprise that it was glowing only faintly.

Moon Mother“I have a gift for you” said Moon Mother, and she placed her hands on First woman’s head.

A beautiful ray of moonlight flowed from Moon Mother’s hands down though First Woman’s head, down through her heart and into her Womb Bowl. As her bowl filled, it began to radiate once more with soft white moonlight.

First Woman sighed.

“Thank you, Moon Mother” she said.

“My gift is always there for you whenever you need it” smiled Moon Mother.

A few days later, after helping the Wolf Clan with their boisterous cubs, First Woman looked at her Womb Bowl and saw that it was low in moonlight once again.


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