In my workshops I often use a term that in some languages can be a little difficult to translate.  I call my students ‘ladies’, and this word has a beautiful background in authentic femininity.

In the past, the term ‘lady’ was used as an aristocratic title for a woman who had wealth, came from a good family, and was polite and educated. However, the term ‘lady’ has also been used to suggest a woman who does not respond from her basic instincts – who is gentle, but empowered in her activities, and who is strong but elegant. We also have a term for women, not used in recent times, which is ‘gentlewoman’ – which means a similarly self-aware woman. (We still have the word ‘gentleman’, which is used to describe an empowered man who is polite, gentle and helpful.)

A ‘lady’ is a woman who is self-aware, who notices her ego and her fear patterns but who does not let them rule her interaction with the world. Her politeness comes from her empathy for others, which flows from her self-confidence and understanding of who she is. Her politeness doesn’t mean that she is vulnerable – instead it means that she is strong, in charge of her anger and negative emotions and able to express them in safe ways that do not impact adversely on others. She is not a woman who gives away her power, or who uses her power to dominate; instead she radiates her power in her life.

A lady is also body aware, moving with elegance and grace. She does not need to be ‘beautiful’ as defined by her culture, instead her beauty shines out from her body-acceptance and body-awareness as she moves and interacts with life.

When we look at modern culture we see very few role models of being lady-like, and yet in the past the concept of being a ‘lady’ was one that was associated with empowered femininity and with the Divine Feminine. Goddesses were often given the title of ‘the Lady’, so to be a Lady of the Moon is to walk an ancient path of expressing our inner goddesses and our cyclic pattern of authentic femininity into the world with self-awareness, self-control, empowerment, understanding and empathy. The world needs more ‘ladies’!

A lady-like mindfulness exercise:

Just for a day, whatever your phase, be aware of your body and how you move.

Be ‘lady-like’ by moving with considered grace. Sit or stand making a gentle, elegant or pleasing shape with your body. Remember that a woman can be elegant and graceful regardless of what she is wearing!

Being body-aware naturally links us with our female empowerment and our inherent elegance, and it moves our thoughts into the moment, offering peace and calm in a hectic world.in a hectic world.


Women helping womenOttieni:

* Un ciclo mestruale dolce ed equilibrato
* Una dolce fase pre-mestruale
* Un viaggio delicato verso la menopausa
* Una semplice realizzazione dei tuoi obiettivi e sogni
* Amore
* Amore per te stessa
* Felicità


Nel mondo moderno, gli archetipi dinamici femminili hanno dominato il nostro comportamento e il nostro modo di pensare. Le energie della Fanciulla (fase archetipale della pre-ovulazione) sono dinamiche, orientate all’Io e al raggiungimento degli obiettivi, sono indipendenti, impavide del rischio, non empatiche, strutturate e focalizzate. La Fanciulla è “colei che raggiunge uno scopo” (the achiever) – e quando la Fanciulla è sbilanciata, diventa colei che “deve raggiungere lo scopo a qualsiasi costo”. Continue Reading »

Women helping womenYou get:

  • A healed and balanced menstrual cycle.
  • A healed pre-menstrual phase.
  • A gentle journey to menopause.
  • Effortless achievement of your goals and dreams.
  • Love.
  • Self-love.
  • Happiness.

Unbalanced Maidens and Enchantresses

In the modern world, the dynamic female archetypes have dominated how we behave and the way we think. The Maiden (pre-ovulation phase archetype) energies are dynamic, ego-orientated, goal achieving, independent, risk-taking, unemphatic, structured and focused. She is the ‘achiever’ – and when out of balance she is the ‘achiever at any cost’. Continue Reading »

Puzzled manImagina cuatro mujeres.

Una es joven, dinámica y entusiasta. Una es un poco mayor, práctica y buena con las personas. Una es madura, desinhibida y salvajemente creativa. Y la última mujer es mayor, tranquila y perspicaz.

Cada mujer tiene sus propias necesidades, su propia manera de percibir el mundo, sus propias energías creativas y sus propias preferencias sexuales.

Ahora imagina que las cuatro mujeres se ven como tú.

¡Con razón los hombres están confundidos!

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Puzzled man

Imagine quarto mulheres.

Uma é jovem, dinâmica e entusiástica. Uma é um pouco mais velha, prática e excelente com pessoas. Uma é madura, desinibida, criativa e extremamente selvagem. E a última mulher é mais velha, sossegada e muito intuitiva.

Cada mulher tem as suas próprias necessidades, a sua própria maneira de perceber o Mundo, as suas próprias energias criativas e as suas próprias preferências sexuais.

Agora imagine que essas quatro mulheres são iguais a si.

Não admira que os homens estejam confusos!

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Puzzled man

Immagina quattro donne.

La prima è giovane, dinamica e piena di entusiasmo. La seconda ha qualche anno di più, è concreta e abile nel trattare con le persone. La terza è più matura, disinibita e selvaggiamente creativa. L’ultima è anziana, pacata e perspicace.

Ognuna di queste donne ha i suoi bisogni, un modo diverso di percepire il mondo, di esprimere le proprie energie creative e preferenze sessuali.

Ora immagina che queste quattro donne ti assomiglino come gocce d’acqua.

Non c’è da meravigliarsi che gli uomini siano confusi!

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Puzzled man

Stell dir vier Frauen vor.

Eine ist jung, dynamisch und enthusiastisch. Eine ist etwas älter, praktisch und gut im Umgang mit Menschen. Eine ist gereift, hemmungslos und wild kreativ. Und die letzte Frau ist noch älter, ruhig und voller Einsicht.

Jede Frau hat ihre eigenen Bedürfnisse, ihre eigene Art sich auszudrücken, ihre eigene Art die Welt wahrzunehmen, ihre eigenen kreativen Energien und ihre eigenen sexuellen Vorlieben.

Nun stelle Dir vor, dass all diese Frauen aussehen wie du.

Es ist keine Wunder, dass Männer verwirrt sind!

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